Recently the staff here at Mozaic sat down to do some brainstorming and reconnect to why this company was founded in the first place.  Connecting to your ‘why’ can be one of the most powerful practices a business can do.  It helps to remember your passion and vision.  Why did we start a WordPress hosting service?  Why do we believe in this product?  Would we use it?

After we went around the room and everyone shared their reason for working here and why this company was important to them, the simple statement we came up with was this.  We exist to help people succeed.  All of us have been hard working web designers for years.  We’ve used just about every CMS platform out there.  We’ve spent hours integrating graphics into content.  We’ve designed logos.  We’ve built successful websites.  What it’s all come down to is a desire to build a wordpress hosting platform that makes a web designer’s life easier.  We’re not talking about simplifying one part of the process, we want to make it the easiest thing in the world for a designer to log in, create content, and build beautiful websites for their clients.  We want the setup to be easy.  We want the customization to be effortless.  We want the addition of images and content to be a breeze.  We want you to be able to ride your mountain bike down the trail and in the unfortunate event a client calls and needs an update ASAP, you can get on your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are, make the update, and keep riding.  That’s our goal.


We exist to help people succeed

To achieve that goal, we’ve implemented some vital products into our WordPress Hosting Platform.

  1. Divi Theme from Elegant Themes

    One of the most powerful and versatile WordPress Themes out there.  Divi has a flexible page builder, fantastic customization options, and a wealth of tools to make your website sparkle.  This theme comes pre-installed on our system, saving you the time to install and also saving you on the registration fee ($89 per year).

  2. Slider Revolution from Theme Punch

    I’ve been a huge fan of Slider Revolution since its earliest days.  This slider plugin has got better and better with each update.  Very versatile and can be tailored to fit any application on your website.  Again, we’re saving you the license fee by bundling it with our system ($19).

  3. Bloom from Elegant Themes

    Another great feature from Elegant Themes.  Bloom can assist you in creating professional and stylish email opt-in forms for your website.  All the styles and options to choose from make this plugin really shine.  It also integrates with several email services like MailChimp or Aweber.

  4. Gravity Forms

    One of the most powerful form building tools out there.  Coming on board with Mozaic, I was a big fan of Contact 7 for its ease of use and affordability (FREE FTW!).  However, I’ve changed my tune since getting behind the wheel of this comprehensive plugin.  Simple integration with email services makes coding your CTA and lead generation forms a snap.  This also comes bundled with the Mozaic WordPress Hosting Platform.

  5. SNAP (Social Media Auto Poster) from Next Scripts

    Social media is just as important to your website’s growth as the website itself. SNAP brings it all together with its auto-posting features for all the popular social media sites.  This plugin will save you hours of time posting your updates and blog posts all over the Internet.  SNAP is an absolute must for any successful website.

Those are just a few of the powerful features we’ve added to the core of our WordPress Hosting Platform.  Not only do we save you money on the license fees for all these plug-ins with our bundled hosting packages, we also save you the time you’d spend installing and troubleshooting any issues with them.  This is one of the many things that makes Mozaic stand out among their competitors.

We know that every web designer out there struggles with the many hats that need to be worn to keep a company running smoothly.  Our hope is that by making the setup and maintenance of your client’s websites easier, it will contribute to you living the lifestyle you want!

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