Over the past few years we’ve seen a transition from conventional web design with an HTML editor to building a site on a CMS platform like WordPress.  You no longer have to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build a decent website anymore.  There are so many fantastic tools out there that coding has become a thing of the past when it comes to designing with a managed WordPress hosting platform.

In days gone by, a new website would start with a blank page.  A designer would start building the elements in each tag and then apply the CSS to get it to all look good.  Then some javascript or jQuery would be added to spice things up with some animations or mouseover effects.  If the client was asking for a map on their contact page, it would be time to brush up on your Google maps API knowledge.  Contact forms were hand coded and hacked from previous scripts.  I had pages of javascript validation code written into each page to eliminate spam and injection.

Those were the days.

I would have given anything for a company like Mozaic back then.  Once I started using WordPress exclusively for building sites, I found that many recurring problems seemed to take up my time with each new website.  Installing and upgrading WordPress became a simple, but monotonous chore.  Tracking down issues with plugins and plugin upgrades was always a hassle.  Then there were the issues with different hosting providers.  This one only allows WordPress updates via FTP, another one doesn’t have strict enough security measures and the site ends up getting hacked.  Of course, you can always manage your own server, but then you end up tackling all of the problems that go with that.  E-Mail issues, more security problems… the list goes on.

Why would I use a managed WordPress hosting platform like Mozaic?  Because the work is already done for me when I sign on a new client.  I log in and navigate to the specific panel in my multi-site menu and I’m in business.  I didn’t have to install anything, I didn’t have to work out any bugs with incompatible plugins, it’s all there and it’s all ready to use.

The Old Ways of WordPress Hosting.

Think about how much time you might spend setting up a site for a new client.  If you’re used to dealing with the hosting provider, it makes your life easier, but there are still hoops to jump through.  You’ll need to download and install the latest version of WordPress.  Then it’s time to install a theme.  You probably have a favorite, but chances are your client really liked the look of one website and you chose to grab that specific theme.  Now, you’ll have to learn the ins and outs of a new theme to get the site looking how your client wants it.  Chances are it has a page builder that you’re not used to, so you’ll need to spend some time learning a new way to put an image on a page.

Then comes the plugins.  You have your favorite form builder, SEO plugin, slider, e-com cart, and a few other staples you can’t live without.  Hopefully, they’re all compatible and will play well with one another or you’ll be out hours tracking down the issue and trying to figure out how to make it all work together.  Then you’ll need to eat into your profits purchasing the licenses for the premium plugins, some of which can take a while to install while you wait for the developer to get you your purchase code or installation instructions.

The Mozaic Managed WordPress Hosting Way!

No more time wasted on installs and configuration.  With the Mozaic WordPress Hosting Platform, you are ready to build as soon as your account is setup.  You can start off building pages and adding content, instead of installing files and troubleshooting issues.

The Mozaic platform comes with Divi and Extra themes from Elegant Themes.  These are two very powerful themes for building sites.  They both come with the Divi page builder which touts a plethora of custom design options.  Icons, buttons, blurbs, sliders, galleries… the list goes on.  Each with a customizable animated load-in to give your pages a little more spice than the competition.

Think about it!  Each website uses the same builder, the same plugins, and the same hosting platform.  You can focus your time on creating original, memorable websites for your clients with all of the amazing tools Mozaic has already put in place for you.  Each site you’ll get more acquainted with the products and that will save you time and hopefully increase your profits.

Managed WordPress Hosting Packages

We offer 3 different packages for our WordPress hosting platform.  The first tier comes with plenty of server resources and space for you to create your first website.  It comes with plenty of premium plugins and services to help you get that first website off the ground.  This package is built for a small business that would like to create their own website.  It would also be great for a blogger.

The 2nd package we offer comes built for a part time designer that manages a few websites.  In this package you’ll find everything you need for e-commerce websites.  There are also plugins for SEO and social media that are almost indispensable for a successful website.

Our 3rd tier offering is for a full time designer who manages several websites.  With the multi-site option, you can switch back and forth between sites with ease and keep everything up to date quickly and efficiently.  This package features everything we have to offer for your sales funnels and marketing automation.

We also offer a build-to-suit package for agencies and large web design firms.  You can call and get pricing on this option by contacting us for more information.

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