Paying for a hosting account is one of the most important expenses for modern companies.  There are hundreds of WordPress hosting companies out there promising security, back-ups, and 1-click installs all for an insanely low monthly price.  It’s no surprise that most have the same features and advertise the similar services.  To date, I haven’t seen one claim that they can save you money.  I mean honest to goodness saving you dollars that you can track and see.

Mozaic is based on that simple princple. We want to help you create more profitability in your business.  We save you money in so many ways, we decided to write up a list to articulate how affordable our services are.

#1 No License Fees

Most managed WordPress hosts will talk about their 1-click installs, but in most cases, this only counts for the WordPress installation and nothing else.  No plugins, no themes, no integrated services.  The Mozaic platform doesn’t have a 1-click install because WordPress is already installed for you before you login that very first time.  We bundle our platform with premium themes and plugins like Divi, Extra, Gravity Forms, Slider Revolution and more.  The Divi theme is one of the most powerful WordPress themes on the Internet and costs $89 per year to license.  Gravity Forms are $39 for the initial license, and Slider Revolution is $19 to include on your website.  Right out of the box, before you login, we’ve saved you $147 in license fees for WordPress themes and plugins.

#2 No Setup Time

The Mozaic Platform is ready-to-build when you sign on.  By simply creating an account, you can choose between a pre-made 5 page website, or a blank canvas to begin with.  There’s no setup time.  You won’t have to login to another website to purchase and download WordPress themes and plugins, with our platform, they’re already installed.  This can save you one of the most important commodities you have as a professional, your time.  When I was building websites a few years back, I had a packaged deal $999 for a 10 page website.  I look back on on the hours I wasted tracking down one issue or another with a WordPress installation, each minute cutting into my profit margin.  What I wouldn’t have given for a completely setup WordPress website to start with.  It would have meant some extra money in my pocket and more time to focus on getting more clients.

#3 Quicker Turn-Around Times Increases Your Profits

Your client just sent you an email with a simple change that needs to be done ASAP.  In days gone by, this meant creating a backup copy, making the change, uploading the edited file, and then checking to see that the change was made on the live website.  As a web designer, this was a great source of income for me.  I could knock out most changes in 2-3 minutes, and charge a minimum fee.  The Mozaic platform has made this even easier.  With automated backups and several plugins that speed up your website dashboard, simple changes are a snap and can be done without breaking your stride with any larger projects you might be working on.  This is another way Mozaic saves you money, by making your workflow easier and faster which in turn increases how profitable your time can be.

#4 Managed WordPress Hosting Means No More Tech Support!

Most web designers eventually move to a VPS or a dedicated server to save a little money and combine all their clients into one place.  This seems like a great idea until you’re up until 4AM in the morning working on a DNS error or troubleshooting an issue with the email server.  Security and SPAM are constant issues that take your time away and cost you money.  A Managed WordPress Host takes care of all the IT issues so you don’t have to.  We can manage all the email accounts, server security, backups, and software issues leaving you free to do what you do best, design websites.  Your clients can contact us directly if they have any issues with email, or a technical issue with their website that you can’t quite figure out.

#5 Tutorials & Support

Mozaic’s WordPress Hosting platform comes loaded with tutorials for our system.  You can get all the training you need to use Divi’s page builder and create stunning websites.  Once you’ve exhausted all the resources in our library you can also turn to our experienced staff for support on any issue with our system.  We have worked with several designers that host on our system to complete projects for their clients.  If you need a little assistance with all the features and plugins our system has to offer, we’re always just a phone call or email away.  Most hosting companies charge an arm and a leg for this kind of service, but we figure the more you know and love our system, the more you’ll use it and refer others to it!

That just about sums it up.  We save you money right from the beginning and keep it up down the road as long as you use our services.  We believe in our platform and use it on a daily basis, so you know it’s tried and tested for real world use.

Thanks for reading!

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