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The 5 Traffic Types.
There is no other way!

This Changed my View of the Web!

Years ago I was working in the marketing department of a non-profit and pondering the task of improving the website and increasing visibility while keeping costs and hours down. In addition, I needed to improve ease of use for visitors and back end administration. While doing a web search, I ran across a similar graphic to the one I’ve posted here. Studying the chart I had a mini epiphany – people only get to your website one of five ways! From that day forward I changed the way I view and design websites. Not only that, I created a Divi Web Hosting business with this underlying principle in mind. In this series of posts I’ll talk about the five traffic types, the three desired results, how simple the piece in the middle can be, and why I chose WordPress & Divi as the framework to put it all together.
There are only five ways people get to your site.

1.) Search engine
Maybe you ask Siri, perhaps you type it in, but I guess you “Google” stuff all the time., you even may have found this article by doing a web search. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how your website gets displayed in search results. Don’t let this intimidate you; it’s not rocket science and anyone can learn to do it. Even better news, with the right tools it’s actually really simple.

2.) Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest – there’s a long list of social media sites mainly because be it opinion or entertainment, people like to share. Even if you aren’t the “social butterfly”, you can still optimize your website to take advantage of this type of traffic.

3.) Paid Ads
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, ads are everywhere. They are in your search results, your social media feeds, websites, emails, and that’s just the ones online! Ads are not going away because they actually work when used correctly.

4.) eMail
Your inbox. Just look at all those emails with links to websites! FYI – eMail is the single highest converting form of traffic on the web, period. (look it up!) also included here is your enewsletter

5.) Word of Mouth
Last but nor least, this is one of the best types of traffic you can have – word of mouth means your website was recommended by someone, a true testimonial. I used to believe you had no control over this, but I’ve since learned how to influence it directly.

Which Type of traffic Should I Use for my Site?

Short Answer:
Every one of them!

Long Answer:
Don’t let anyone tell you, “Social Media is the answer”, or “SEO is the answer” or “Google Adwords” or any other single “latest greatest” thing is the answer. The simple truth is that at the very most, it is only 1/5 of the solution. If you spend all your time or money (or both) on any one thing, you’ve missed 4/5th’s of the traffic. I’ll say it another way, Simple little inexpensive ways to improve all five types of traffic will do more for your website than any one thing. The one thing that does more for your site than anything else, is content. Good quality content. The simple and often overlooked thing that drives everything else on your site – content! That is a subject for another day, so let’s get back to traffic types. Assuming you have good content, there are only five ways people will see it; SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, eMail or eNewsletters, and Word of Mouth. You want to utilize all five types of traffic to your site. The simple but effective tools we use at Mozaic are plugins for WordPress that integrate, automate, and enhance your websites’ ability to get these five types of traffic. With your Mozaic Divi Webhosting platform, these tools are all built in, but if you host your own sites, or use a different provider, make sure you install these at minimum;

  • Google Analytics plugin to track visitors and traffic (a plugin is not required, it’s just handy to see reporting without leaving your dashboard).
  • SEO plugin, like Yoast, so you can perform at least basic on page SEO.
  • SEO analytics plugin Like Moz so you can see your SEO stats (again, a plugin isn’t required but handy to see everything right in your dashboard.
  • Social media plugin like Monarch. Let people like and share right from your website.
  • Social Networks Auto Poster like SNAP. Blog once and have your post automatically posted to all your social media accounts – HUGE time saver.
  • Mail service like Mailchimp to automate sending newsletters and updates to your lists.
  • Lead capture plugin like Bloom to allow website visitors to sign up for your Newsletter or get something free in exchange for a signup – integrates with your eMail service (like MailChimp).

The primary function of these plugins is to monitor & increase web traffic. Secondarily they improve your visitor and existing customer communications. Thirdly, once configured these plugins also reduce the amount of time you spend writing, messaging, posting and blogging – by automating the dissemination of content, you have more time to create content and make better decisions based on the feedback provided.

In my next post, I’ll show the three most desired results you or your client is looking for once someone finds the website and suggest plugins, integrations, and methods to optimize conversions.

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