Transcript for Divi Theme Tutorial – Changing The Logo

Today I’m going to be walking you through how to upload your logo to the Divi theme. I’ve got a testing website set up here and you can see it’s got the the standard Divi logo. So we’re going to be swapping that out with the logo that I made just to dress up the site a little bit. In your dashboard you’re going to come down to Divi, then go to theme options, when that pulls up you’ll see that the logo is the first option we have here in the general tab.

Screenshot (2)

You want to click here on upload, and then here’s the logo I’ve made for this website. You’ll notice the dimensions are about 300 x 90, which is a little bigger than the theme really asks for.  However,  I’ll show you that the size doesn’t matter so much because the theme is going to go ahead and resize that for me as it sticks it into the website.  I don’t have to be too concerned about the exact dimensions of my logo to make it look good and work with this theme. So, now that I’ve got my logo all in there I’m going to click on Save Changes (see that little green checkbox come up when it’s done).  Then if I come back to my testing site and hit refresh, I’ll be able to see that the new logo is right there looking beautiful, it says website awesome.

So that pretty much shows you how to change your logo within the Divi theme options.

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