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Transcript From Divi Tutorial

Hello, this is Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology. Today I’m going to talk to you about this, “Enable Divi Gallery” option here in the Divi Theme Options.

Enable Divi Gllery in the Divi Theme Options

To show you what this does, I have to do a little bit of setup that I wanted to walk you through. So, I’m going to come in here to “Posts” and “Add New Post.” This image gallery actually replaces the standard WordPress photo gallery. I’m gonna make a new post I’m going to call, “Photo Gallery” and we’re not going to use the Divi Builder for this.

Screenshot (15)

This is just the standard built-in WordPress photo gallery. So I’m going to click here on, “Add Media,” and then “Create Gallery.” Then I’ve got these six beautiful images here that I’m going to create a gallery with. I don’t want to caption them right now, so I’m just going to say, “Insert Gallery.” You’ll see that WordPress puts them in this nice grid.

Screenshot (16)

So I’m going to publish it and then we’ll go to our testing website and I’ll show you what this looks like as far as the standard WordPress photo gallery. So you can see the pictures are in a grid, and if I click on a photo it takes me to another page, and if I click on the photo again we get the full-size image. That’s the standard way that WordPress does it.

Screenshot (16)

Now, I want to show you what that looks like with the Divi Gallery. Once again, we’re going to go back to our Divi Theme Option, and when that pops up just click here to enable this option. We want to make sure we save our changes.

Screenshot (18)

Then I’ll come back to the testing website and refresh the page. You’ll see that it dresses it up a little bit more. Pictures are a little bit wider and if I mouse over them, they have some mouseover effects. Then it puts them in this nice slideshow, so i don’t have to go to any other pages. Puts it in this nice modal window and it looks really appealing for everybody that comes to the website. That gives you an idea of what this option is all about and how you can use it on your website to make things look a little bit nicer. Thanks for watching! Once again, I’m Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology.