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Transcript From Divi Theme Tutorial

Hello, this is Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology. Today we’re going to be talking about the “Fixed Navigation Menu Option” in the Divi Theme Options. I’m in my dashboard right now and you’re going to want to go down here to Divi, and then click on “Theme Options.”

How To Enable Fixed Navigation Bar in Divi Theme

When that window comes up, you can see that there’s this option here called “Fixed Navigation Bar,” what that is, we will go to our testing website really quick and I’ll show you.

If I scroll down on my website, you can see that the navigation bar stays here at the top, (logo gets shrunk down just a little bit) but my navigation and search is still up there. Anything I put up on that nav bar is going to stay at the top, no matter where I am at the page. Let’s say I don’t like that. Let’s say it’s getting in the way of my pictures, or I just rather not have it. Well, you can go ahead and click on “disable” and then you save your changes. I’ll come back and refresh the website, and you can see the navigation bar just stays at the very top of the page, so it doesn’t get in the way of any of the content. Again this is this is just for your personal preference, if it helps with the workflow of the website. I prefer to leave it on, but it is up to you. I just wanted to show you what that option does and kind of explain it a little bit.

Thanks for watching! Once again, I’m Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology.