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This tutorial explains the option to grab the first post image in the Divi WordPress Theme options.

Transcript from the Divi Theme Tutorial

Hello I’m Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology.

 Today I’m going to show you how to set up Divi so it grabs the first image in your post without you having to set up a featured image. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I’m gonna go over to my testing website. I put together this post and it’s got a couple images in it, but you can see when I’m on my homepage the image doesn’t show up. These other posts that I have set a featured image for of course the image shows up and it looks wonderful. So to fix that, if I already have an image inside the post, what I’m going to do is come down here to Divi and then click on Theme Options. When that loads up it’ll be right here in the general tab, which is what I want. I want to click on this “Grab The First Post Image,” just click “Enable” on that. Make sure you save your changes.

Screenshot (27)

Now when I come back to the home page of my website, hit refresh really quick and you’ll see that it grabs that picture and displays it on the homepage just like all the other posts Now this particular post isn’t pulling an image and that’s because the images in it are specifically in an Image Gallery. They’re not pictured in the post and if I set a featured image for that they would pull just fine. This is a little time-saving option they put in there so that the first picture that you put in your post will show up as the featured image, which I think is a pretty cool feature to have. So that’s what that does.

 Thank you for watching, once again I’m Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology.