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To enable/disable social media links in the Divi Theme Options, follow the transcript from the video tutorial (below).

Go into Divi Theme Options.

Go into the ‘General’ options.



Scroll down until you see ‘Show Facebook Icon’, ‘Show Twitter Icon’, ‘Show Google Icon’ and ‘Show RSS Icon’.

To disable them, just click on the button the right of the ‘Show __ Icon’. It will tell you whether they’re enabled or disabled.



Hit ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.


To enable them, go your social network site you want to be linked to your website, copy the URL of the page then go back to Divi Theme Options.



Once in Divi Theme options in the ‘General’ tab, scroll until right below the ‘Show __ Icon’ buttons, and paste the URL to the appropriate (social media__) Profile URL slot.



Go to the bottom and hit ‘Save Changes’.

Go back to your website and hit the ‘Refresh’ button. If you disabled any of the icons for social media, then they shouldn’t be on your site any longer.




Thank you for choosing Mozaic Technology to learn from!

This tutorial and transcript were done by, Jimi Blevins, with Mozaic Technology.

The transcript was edited by, Alexis Stucker, interning with Mozaic Technology.


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