In my last post I wrote about the 5 ways people get to your website. If you missed that post you might want to have a look at it first. In this post I’m explaining the 3 things you want people to do when they get to your website. Whatever your product or service, you want visitors to do one or all of three things, (I hope you see a common theme developing as you read on).

A website selling products in store or online would want visitors to:

Buy again.
Tell others.

A website offering services in house or online would want visitors to:

Book a service.
Book again.
Tell others.

A nonprofit website would want visitors to:

Donate again.
Tell others.

Most websites fall under these three categories: Product, Service or Nonprofit. I could argue that the three things for all websites are the same – buy, buy again, and tell others to buy because ultimately that’s what it is! Even if your website is for entertainment purposes or information only, and there may be no cost (in dollars) to your product or service, you are still interested in visitors buying into the concept or idea i.e. free signup (like Facebook), consume info (like YouTube), or “buy” your opinion (like a political site).Instead of “buy” we could use the term “spend” as in spend

Instead of “buy” we could use the term “spend” as in spend money, or spend time – on your website. Alternately, the term invest or investment is plausible. You want the website visitor to invest in your product or service and then be so happy with it that they invest more and tell others about it.

There could also be the argument that some websites are designed to get people to contact via email or phone rather than make a purchase. The usual end result of such a phone call or email is almost always a sale. Two apparent exceptions would be nonprofit services like suicide prevention, or domestic violence, but upon closer inspection, even these companies may accept donations, and regularly solicit volunteers to help their humanitarian efforts. Thus, a donate button, a fundraising event, or a volunteer “call to action” is usually found somewhere on the site. All these actions are a form of buy/spend/invest. For example, volunteering is investing your time instead of spending your money.

Here’s how Mozaic implements these 3 desired results on our managed web hosting platform:

1a. Selling products with e-Commerce.

One in three e-commerce websites use Woo Commerce for their shopping cart, so do we. What makes us different is we have it installed, and activated by default (with a sample product added) so you can get right to work instead of spending time downloading, and installing. Need to add automatic shipping rates from your UPS or FedEx account? Special VAT tax on international orders? Integrating Amazon? Contact support – we know all that stuff.

1b. Booking Services online.

We use Bookly. We really like it and know it well. Your clients can range from single proprietors to businesses with multiple service providers. We’ve helped various companies do everything from creating an online delivery scheduler for LP Gas to booking skydives from your phone, tablet or desktop. If you offer services, this is a great way to do it.

1c. Taking donations.

Just want a simple “donate now” button? We have Gravity Forms with payment gateway solutions built right in. Want to get fancy and create the next Kickstarter? That’s built in, too. We’re passionate about nonprofits and start-ups!

2. Buy again, book again, or upgrade.

We like offering coupons via e-newsletters. Mail Chimp is our favorite provider. You get 2,000 signups and 20,000 email newsletters a month at no charge. Integration is (you guessed it) built in. We support all the other major email/e-newsletter providers, too. In addition to coupons, you can also engage customers in polls, feedback surveys, and ratings requests so you can fine tune and improve your products, services, customer support, fundraisers, etc. which ultimately leads to subsequent or repeat purchases.

3. Tell others.

Our favorite 3 ways to help customers get the word out are: Testimonials, Social Media sharing, and Affiliate programs.

If you’re doing a great job, customers are happy to respond to a request for a testimonial using a simple (you guessed it) Gravity Form. Google business reviews are great, and Facebook ratings work well, too. Adding a call to action like this in your e-newsletter is simple.
Social sharing. The Elegant Themes plugin Monarch is a great way for your website visitors to like and share your content. Hootsuite is a great way for you to share your own content. Both are built in.
Affiliates. If your customers are really excited about your products or services, why not incentivize them with an affiliate program – built in. Want something simpler? Custom coupon codes work well (everyone likes coupons!) and are easy to track back to the person who issued them. Also built in to the Mozaic tech managed WordPress hosting platform.

There are more ways to accomplish these goals than this; these are just some of our favorites. We have solutions that range from simple to complex, general to custom, and most are free and included in our managed WordPress hosting. We’ve curated some of the most popular options available and built them in to save you time but for those specific scenarios where you need a specialized or specific solution that isn’t built in, you can always add it – if it’s for WordPress it should work.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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