Since 2003, WordPress, an open source online content publishing system, has grown in popularity as businesses and individuals have it the choice for building out their websites. As the premiere content management system, it’s not surprising many web hosting providers, such as Mozaic Tech, have decided to specialize in Managed WordPress Hosting.

Think of Mozaic as a sort of concierge service wherein every technical aspect of running or managing WordPress is managed by the host. As the world of theInternet gets more technical, complicated and yet exciting, it makes more sense to enlist the services of a company that’s an expert in both hosting andWordPress itself.

If you’re in the market, here’s a list of reasons why
Managed WordPress Hosting rocks:

1. Peace Of Mind All The Time

When we manage your web server, you get to focus on building your site and running your business. It takes serious know-how to install and manageWordPress so that it stays up and stays fast. Leave the 24/7 management of the underlying server software stack to us. We’ve got your back(end).

2. Increased Security

With our Managed WordPress Hosting service, we dedicate many resources to your site’s security by constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities and thwarting malicious attacks. We make sure the core code, themes and plugins are always updated in an effort to keep you safe so you to focus on your business. And guess what? If you do get hacked, Mozaic restores and fixes it for free. It’s part of our service agreement with you.

3. Customer Support

We’d like to think we stand out among the masses due to our customer support.We offer tiered support and all of our support agents have gone through years of training in the trenches to be ready for that moment when you need help.With Mozaic, you will never hear the words: “That’s your problem. Sorry.”

4. Speed

Speed is a key component in SEO. And getting traffic to your site is key for conversions. We get it like no other. Managed WordPress Hosting companies,such as Mozaic, are always making continuous optimization improvements.WordPress hosting providers normally offer performance-enhancing caching and other fantastic features to ensure speed and performance.

5. Hassle-Free Experience

With a Managed WordPress Hosting service, the whole package usually includes website scalability, security, daily backups, updates, and more in your monthly fee, or at least it should. Every single feature included Mozaic’sservice is designed to give you a hassle-free experience. With this, you can give all your attention to your business.

Now, peace of mind when it comes to the technical management of yourWordPress website and hosting may be pricier than, say, a $3/month plan with some big name hosting providers. But they don’t cover your back(end) like dedicated Managed WordPress Hosting companies. Do the research and you ‘ll see why hosting with Mozaic or a like company is worth the modest monthly investment. Because when it comes to your business and livelihood, you shouldn’t take chances especially if your website is a key part of your business’marketing mix.

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