This tutorial shows you how to add and customize post navigation to a web page or a post page using the Divi visual builder.  Use this to access your blog from a page with blog posts added in.

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Transcript from the Divi Tutorial



Hello, this is Jimi Blevins.
Today I’m going to show you how to: “Add Post Navigation Using The Divi Visual Builder.”

So, I’ve got a post pulled up here.

We’re going to add in our navigation down here at the bottom. So I just want to “Add” (+) a new row. Then I’m going to type in “Post Navigation” here.



Now as you can see, when it first populates, it will show you the title of either of the blog posts to navigate to.


Let’s say we wanted to make those post navigation links standard, so you can actually tell it what text we want to have in “Previous Link Text” and “Next Link Text.”


We can “Hide Previous Post Link” or “Hide Next Post Link,” and we can also limit it to a category if we would like.



So jumping into the “Design” elements.


Here I can change the “Font.” I can pump up the “Font Size.” Let’s say I really want to make this stand out, so I can actually get in here and make them look pretty similar to a button that we would have.


I can  “Use Border” on it. (It takes a little bit of tweaking, just pop in a “Custom Padding.” Let’s do five pixels all the way around.)





If I want to actually add a background color, I can jump into the “Custom Style Sheets” and here in my “Links,” can specify a background color. (I’ll just do gray so you can see what I’m talking about.)ScreenshotHowToAddPostNavigation7


I can do different settings for the previous post navigation, the next post navigation, it really gives me a lot of options.

That goes over most of the options for the: “Post Navigation Settings In The Divi Visual Builder.

I’m Jimi Blevins and thank you so much for watching.