This tutorial will show you how to add social media follow buttons to your pages and posts using the Divi Visual Builder for WordPress.

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Transcript for the Divi Tutorial

Hello, this is Jimi Blevins. Today I’m going to show you how to add the “Social Media Follow Module,” while using the “Divi Visual Builder.”

So, to get started let’s go ahead and pop in our module “Social Media Follow,” and this brings up your standard options.


First off we want to “Select A Network,” so I’m going to pick “Facebook.”


I don’t think we need to do an account URL right now, but this is where you would link to “ you know I think mine is Jimmy Blevins.” So you can pop that in right there.Then you can go back and you can add another one. 

Say you wanted to do “Google+,” and this is like if you wanted to add this to a page or to a post and you didn’t want to use a different thing. I think we’ve got “Monarch” in the the the Mozaic Platform. There’s a ton of different social media things, I really like that Divi has this built-in. It’s nice that it’s something you can just plug into a website and then be able to tweak kinda on-the-fly like this.


We can go in and change the default color to something else, say I wanted them all to be gray, or I wanted them all to kind of match this blue, so that’s where I would change that.


Now, we’ve got a couple social networks in, we can get into some of our other elements.

We’ve got rounded rectangle or circle for the buttons. Text color light or dark, and this usually depends on what color you’re picking for the background. Then, the URL opens in a new tab and this is pretty standard for any link that you create on your website. If you’re ever taking somebody away from your website to social media or a blog post, you want to make sure that you have it pop-up in a new tab. This way your web page is still active in the background and people can view the content that you’ve led them to, and when they close that they’re back to your website.


Looks like we don’t have any design elements for this. We can go ahead and tweak the CSS if we want. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy to use module, which I really like about the “Divi Builder.” I like how easy and simple a lot of their features are.

So that covers everything with our “Social Media Follow Module” in the “Divi Visual Builder.”

Once again my name is Jimi Blevins, and thank you so much for watching.