This tutorial will show you how to add testimonials to your web page or post using the Divi Visual Builder.

This module is a great way to show off your all the great things your clients have said about you and help build credibility with your prospects and leads.

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Text Version Of This Divi Tutorial

Hello, this is Jimi Blevins. Today I’m going to show you how to: “Add The Testimonial Module To A Webpage Using The Divi Visual Builder.

To get started, let’s just pop up our “Testimonial Module” by selecting the gray plus (+) sign, then searching and selecting “Testimonial” module.


One thing I’m going to do that I notice right off the bat is, show you right here if I start typing in something, I can’t read it.


So, when I come down here to our “Text Color,” and then pick dark. I can also change the “Background Color” if I wanted to. I want to kind of keep things standard.


The “Author Name,” “Job Title,” “Company Name,” and “Author/Company URL” is the information that displays in the “Testimonial” module.

My “Job Title,” let’s call myself “The Tutorial Guy For Mozaic Technology.”  You can put in a URL here, is what I want.

Again, anytime you’re taking somebody away from your website, you want to open that in a new tab. Then we can do a “Portrait Image” for our testimonial person. Just select “Upload” next to the “Portrait Image URL” field. I’ve got a picture of me and my lovely wife <3 right here, pop that image in there.

So that kind of sets up everything to do with the author of the tutorial. I can turn on and off the background, so I can get rid of that gray if I don’t want it. I can also change this icon right here from “Visible” to “Hidden.”


Then here I can change the “Background Color.” Let’s say I wanted to use a light blue so it can match the website a little bit better.
Then I’ve got “Text Orientation,” “Text Color.”
Now, I’m just going to grab a little bit of lip, some text filler, to show you what the two top or the testimonial looks like, put that text into the “Content” section.


So, there’s kind of the default settings for the testimonial module and then I can get into the “Design” settings here.


I can change the “Quote Icon Color,” I want to go with this blue.
Portrait Border-radius.” “Portrait Width,” this is how big or how small I want my picture to be for my author.

I can also change the “Body Font,” or “Body Font Size.” I can change the “Text Color,” say I want it to stand out a little bit more and make a little bit darker.
Body Line Height,” of course, I can adjust here.

I can also put a “Background Image” on this. If I want to, I can “Use Border.” Kind of hit and miss with this module with these things.



Looks like they got this one pretty well done. Looks good. You can bump that up, and then, of course, I can also put a “Custom Margin” or a “Custom Padding” on there, depending on how I want this to look.

If you notice, we go to Mozaic’s website, and we’ve kinda got this at a three-column layout. I kind of wish that they would turn this into a slider, so you can have it rotate through a few testimonials. If you just want to have like one testimonial to kind of pop into a web page, this is the best way to do it.


I really like their “Testimonialmodule.



That covers everything with the Divi Visual Builder today.
Once again, my name is Jimi Blevins and thank you so much for watching.