This tutorial explains how to add video to your website using the Divi Visual Builder for WordPress.  This module makes adding your videos quick and easy.

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Transcript from the Divi Tutorial

To give you a quick explanation about the tutorial; you have your mp4 and you also have your WebM. The reason that there are two different types of video uploads, is because the module actually creates and html5 if you choose to upload your own video. In order for cross-browser to work on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and all those different types of browsers, the html5 player actually needs both versions, in order for everything to work properly, depending on which browser it’s going to be serving. To understand that, you’re also going to be constrained when you’re uploading your own video. WordPress usually has a file limitation that will allow you to upload more than, say, 20 megabytes or something so your video is going to have to be pretty small.

The last thing I want to say about this, is if you’re hosting videos on your own website, and you’re uploading them through WordPress like this, you’re also going to be taking away bandwidth and file space from your own web page. Your bandwidth is how much traffic and how much actual data can come off your website within a month.

Go to your YouTube Video, click share and copy that link. Then link the video to your Video MP4/URL in the module.

#One #Three

To change the image, so you don’t have to use whichever thumbnail YouTube chooses, go to upload from gallery. (May show up kind of pixelated)



In this module, there is only one design feature. You can change the color of the play icon to any color you want.


The tutorial and transcript were done by Jimi Blevins, at Mozaic Technology.
Transcript edited by, Alexis Stucker.