I’m going to jump right in by extolling the virtues of the WordPress platform and the Divi theme in particular. When it comes to content management systems for websites there are a lot of reasons I like WordPress. I’ve used many different systems like Drupal, Joomla, Bootstrap, Wix, custom home brew, and more, but WordPress is IMHO the best by far. Instead of explaining all of the reasons why, (there are plenty of posts on the internet about that) just remember two words; Market Share. As a designer, when you learn and use the WordPress platform, you are putting yourself in front of the largest client base on the internet. Enough about marketing, this post is about design and that brings me to Divi.

As of this writing the Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme should be the most popular theme on the planet. If it’s not, my prediction is… it will be. If you’re not familiar with the Divi theme, you might be thinking “why would I want to use the same theme as most everyone else?” The answer to me is two fold. First, Divi is infinitely customizable so using it doesn’t mean your website creations have to look like everyone else’s and Second, three magic words; Front End Editing. There are other themes and systems with front end editing but Divi’s combination of infinitely customizable layouts, and front end editing translates to the panacea for most Website design challenges.

If you’ve tried different WordPress themes, I’m sure you’ve encountered the same problem everyone else does – each particular theme creator decided to put specific design elements for the header, footer, sidebars, and so on in different places. Each one seems to be slightly different so every time you choose a new theme you get to spend additional time learning how to implement it. With Divi, you learn the way it works once, and from now on every site you build with it is familiar to you and that translates into faster creations.

Most of the time we choose a different theme to give a project a different style or look – Divi solves this problem with something they call Layouts. With Divi Layouts you can easily change the look and style of a website while keeping all the tools and design element variables in a consistent (and logical) location. You never have to learn a new theme again! If you haven’t built very many websites you might not get just how important this is – but you will after just a few sites.

But wait, there’s more! You can choose from dozens of built-in layouts, create and save your own layouts, and even buy and sell layouts online. The ecosystem growing around Divi is exploding just as the ecosystem around WordPress has grown. As market share increases, support and resources for those products increase simultaneously. Ease of use also improves and speed of creation accelerates, helping designers provide better products and services for their clients. Win, Win.

My company has created a slew of short (and free) video tutorials on how to use the different features of Divi. Go to our blog page or youtube page to get your head around just how wonderful and expansive Divi is and drop me a note if you have questions about website design or my web design philosophy.

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