Go into your Divi Builder and click on edit. Then go into your settings on the left-hand side of the text editor for, “Call To Action”. Right click and select, “Split Test”.
No.1 No.2
A message will pop-up to let you know that you can select what you want to split test. Click on, “OK”, after you read the brief message. After doing so, the cursor will change to a small blue circle.
Next, I want to split test the row, so click on the lefthand column on the module that you already selected for the test. It will create a duplicate and a pop-up saying, “Congratulations” will show up. Click, “OK” for that one too. 
Once you do this, it will start tracking by percentage how many clicks the first or the second one get.


Click on the arrows (expand row). That will bring you over to the second split text, but it’s going to have the same call to action. Go down to the 2nd “Call To Action” and drag it up to insert module, underneath the 1st, “Call To Action”.



  Then click delete on the 1st, “Call To Action”, since you already have the duplicate. Doing this will leave you with both of the modules in the split test.
 Then click on, “Update”.
 After doing so, the web page should only show one of the two or more, “Called Actions”. You will only see the same one as the previous time when you go to the website. But for every person, it’s different as to which one they will see upon visiting the page. Use a different IP address to check that it’s working properly.
 After a few days, you can check back to view the percentage. You can click back and forth between the two different, “Call To Action” pop-ups to view which one is more popular.
No.9 No10
Tutorial and transcript were done by, Jimi Blevins, with Mozaic Technology

Transcript edited by, Alexis Stucker



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