This tutorial will quickly show you how to reduce the gutter width and remove the spacing between your columns in Divi for WordPress.

Text Version Of This Divi WordPress Tutorial

Hey, this is Jimi Blevins.

I’ve got a really quick tutorial for you today.

Lately, there’s been a few instances where I have been working on websites, and I needed to find a fix to get rid of all this white space I end up with in between my columns because I want my columns to line up side-by-side.


So, I figured out a really easy way, and I mean this is so super easy, I’m going to show you guys really quick.

I’ve got my columns all set up.

RemoveSpaceBtwColumns2What I’m going to do is come in here into the “Row Settings,” and right here this “Use Custom Gutter Width,” and that’s going to define the gutters in between your columns.


So, I just click on “Yes” here and take this to 32, BOOM! Look at that magic!

No margins between my columns and they all line up side-by-side. You can do this with four columns, two columns, anything you want.


So that takes care of that.

Like I said, a really simple tutorial today, “How To Get Rid Of The Gutter Width & Match Your Columns Up.”

Once again, my name is Jimi Blevins and thank you so much for watching.

:) :) :)