Over the past 10 years WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a full featured, robust content management system. Web designers all over the world have transitioned from creating HTML websites, to using WordPress as a foundation for all of their online creations.  One way to make WordPress even more powerful is to add a pre-built theme like Divi which comes with a page building system that makes creating websites even easier for designers. Page builders can simplify adding content, images, videos, sliders and simple animations to make your website sparkle.  A good WordPress theme will also have an options panel where you can choose site colors, fonts, links to your social media pages and also integrate programs like Google Analytics.

Using a WorpPress theme can make your life much easier, that’s for sure.  Just a few years ago, being a website designer meant that you had to be able to code with HTML, CSS, and have a grasp on a scripting language like Javascript to really make your websites look polished and professional.  Now most of this work is done for you under the hood with a good theme and a few plugins.  Web designers can concentrate on doing what they love, designing websites, without the headache of hand coding style sheets and HTML documents. A good theme can save you a ton of time which means you can make more money at the end of the day for less work.

What is a good price for a WordPress theme?

The answer is simple, you should pick a widely used, well-supported theme and you should use a managed WordPress hosting service like Mozaic. This way you get the theme bundled with their service and it doesn’t cost you any out of pocket expense.  The average theme costs around $45-$50.  One of my favorites that I used to build with was $60 on themeforest.net.  The theme I recommend the most for any web designer, is the Divi theme from elegantthemes.com.  On it’s own, this theme costs $89 per year if you want access to all the upgrades and plugins that are compatible with Divi.  For everything that you get, the price is a real bargain, but in my opinion, there’s still a big downside to purchasing your themes from a website like themeforest or elegantthemes.  You still have to manage everything!  You have to install the plugins and themes.  You have to troubleshoot any compatibility issues with other plugins you might be using.  You have to track down any issues and search through support forums for a remedy.  Lastly, you also have to keep up with any updates.

Why Mozaic?

In all of my time building websites, I would have loved to have a service like Mozaic to take advantage of.  We take care of everything, so web designers can focus on designing websites. We cover the cost for all the plugins and themes included in our system.  You save a ton of money and only have one monthly fee to keep track of.  We install all the themes and plugins for you.  We have already worked out any compatibility issues.  We do our best to eliminate any issues you might have so your need for support can be as simple as asking us to fix something which we do quickly and efficiently.  We make sure everything in our system is up to date with the latest security upgrades.  We also test new plugins all the time so we can be sure to bring you the best the Internet has to offer for your website.

So what is the best price for a WordPress theme?  The answer is nothing!  With a managed WordPress hosting platform like Mozaic.  You don’t have to pay anything for your themes.  They are already included in the system for you to take advantage of as soon as you signup for our service.  Before you even get started, we save you $60-$89.  I think you can agree, that’s a great deal.

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