There are a lot of inexpensive WordPress Hosting solutions out there on the Internet.  Many provide you with the foundation you need to build your own installation of WordPress, but that’s where your savings end.  A company that charges $5-$10 a month for a hosting account with everything needed to run WordPress seems enticing at first, but in the long run, it may cost you more than you think.  I’m going to break down the components needed to manage your own WordPress website to illustrate my point.

WordPress hosting needs to consist of a server that meets these requirements:

  1. PHP Programming Language
  2. MySQL Database
  3. Free disk space to allow for growth and archives
  4. Powerful enough to handle at least 2000 unique visitors a month

Other options you should consider are:

  1. Frequent backups of your files and database
  2. Secure enough to compensate for the security risks common with WordPress Hosting – read more
  3. Easy path to upgrade your hosting platform if needed
  4. Ease of updating plugins and WordPress install

Most WordPress hosting companies can offer you the 1st list for a very affordable price, but that’s about all their lowest price hosting package will offer.  If you look at the 2nd list, you’ll see some very important items for any website.  Frequent backups are a must for any successful website.  I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve lost a client’s website due to some of the most interesting circumstances that no one could ever be prepared for.  I was always glad to have a complete backup, especially as I got more involved in designing WordPress websites.  With a custom HTML site, I could always keep a local backup and save an older version before I made any changes.  Once uploaded, that was that and since I was the only one making changes, there was no need for an online backup.  Using WordPress all of that changes.  The website is stored online and even though it can be downloaded, it is very helpful to keep an online backup in a cloud-based system like the Mozaic Platform.  Your files are never just on one single server and they are backed up frequently so if there’s any loss or corruption, restoring your website is fast and easy.

Security is also a huge issue with WordPress hosting.  It can be susceptible to DDoS attacks and once hacked, it becomes a powerful tool for anyone who knows what they are doing.  There are many great tools to secure WordPress, but if you’re doing your own installation, you’re responsible for installing and maintaining all of these tools.  I’ve found from my own experience that every WordPress site I managed needed around 30 minutes to an hour of time each month to login in, inspect, and run any updates or maintenance that is needed.  Most designers have a monthly fee to account for this, but it can be a big turn-off for some clients that don’t want to get ‘roped’ into a monthly fee they don’t quite understand.  A big advantage of the Mozaic Platform is that it is Managed WordPress Hosting.  This means that Mozaic takes care of keeping WordPress updated and all of the installed plugins are also maintained and updated regularly.  We do this to not only save you time but to also keep our servers safe from any unwanted activity on our network.

Mozaic also makes sure that the server environment is secure enough to account for anything a plugin or script can’t defend against.  Several safeguards are in place to keep your website safe and running so it’s always ready for your visitors.

As your website grows, your hosting provider should have created easy paths for you to upgrade and keep things running smoothly.  A slow site can mean your visitors are growing impatient and moving onto something else.  It’s a good problem to have when your traffic starts to bog down your hosting platform, but it should be to upgrade to that next level and get things back on track.  Mozaic’s Manage WordPress Hosting Platform does just that.  With several tiers to choose from, you can move up when it’s right for you to a more powerful hosting option.  It requires no effort on your part except a simple phone call or email to let us know you’re ready to move up.

One last giant caveat of using the Mozaic Platform is its use of the built-in functionality of WordPress multi-site.  We help web designers utilize the management of several of their client’s website from one hosting account and WordPress build.  Switching back and forth between sites to manage updates is a breeze.  You can move from one admin to the other almost seamlessly.  One login and you can take control of all of your client’s websites.

The Cost Of Unmanaged Hosting

The average web designer charges about $50 per hour.  Let’s say that you’re billing the client for an hour to install and setup WordPress and then an hour a month for maintenance.  If you’re anything like me, that hour usually gets eaten up in updates or changes, or worse, you’ll spend 3 hours tracking down some quirk that you might not consider billable time.  By the end of an entire year you’ve made $650 in charges to your client to manage WordPress.  You might pay your own hosting fee, so deduct $120 from that for your hosting, now deduct the time you spent that exceeded that one hour per month, even being conservative I bet there’s about $300 of time you wish you could have charged for.  That leaves you with $230 profit if you’re lucky.  I think this is one of the biggest ways web designers loose money.  We want to entice our clients with a low monthly fee for the security of a contract or monthly agreement, but we end up spending so much time on the details we lose money in the end.  Managed hosting may seem to have a higher monthly cost, but with the time it saves, it makes up for it in the end.  If you had used our basic service, you would walk away with $650 in profit.  Your hour each month would have been spent actually doing updates, not shouldering hosting costs, or dealing with WordPress issues.  Mozaic takes care of all of that for you.

The Cost of Hosting With Mozaic

Our entry-level package starts at $39 per month.  Sure, it’s a little more than just a plain hosting package, but you get so much more to utilize and offer to your clients.  You get a Managed WordPress Installation saving you time and money.  You save hours of your own time because you no longer have to spend time tracking down the issues that commonly arise with WordPress.  I don’t know now many times I spent an entire afternoon looking for the right plugin and then finding out it wasn’t compatible.  I remember one instance where I spent almost 100 hours building a plug-in for a client because the one we had purchased for their site just wasn’t working out.  It was a flat rate website, so I ate all of that time, but it was a wonder to behold once it was complete.

The Mozaic Platform has the best plugins for each piece of the puzzle.  Your managed hosting account comes with the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, one of the most popular and versatile themes for WordPress.  You’re also not limited to that as your only choice.  We can install any theme you wish to work with.  The Mozaic Platform also comes with Gravity Forms, SNAP (Social Network Auto-Poster), Bloom Optin Forms, Woo-Commerce, Slider Revolution, and complete WHMCS integration in case you want to bill your clients directly through our system.  When everything is accounted for, it would cost around $1500 per year to duplicate our system on your own.  Not to mention the time involved installing and maintaining it.

Why Choose Mozaic?

The Mozaic Managed WordPress Hosting Platform is the best value and the best choice for any web designer who is in the market for a hosting company.  Mozaic was founded with a desire to help web designers all over the world to succeed in their business.  All of the founders of Mozaic have been web designers and developers for years and we’re ecstatic to bring all of our favorite tools into one place so that a community of designers can benefit from our hard work and experience.

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