I have developed websites for years. I began in a text editor and basic HTML in the early/mid-1990s. Yes, that makes me pretty old. After that, I used Dreamweaver that gave me a little more visual work environment. After that, I started buying themes from Theme Forest and RocketTheme. Being an art major, I needed a more visual environment, and these themes gave me some basic design to start with.

I would meet with a client to get an idea of what type of design, colors, content, and plugins they may need. I would shop all the different themes and purchase the one closest to what my client requested. I would have to learn a new ePanel which always seemed to be distinct from each theme developer. No one had a standard way of doing it.

The thing that made it worse is that if you needed to modify the design, it was nearly impossible. The customer would want to change the banner or move the logo to the center. It would take a major overhaul. Fortunately or maybe even Unfortunately, I knew how to make those types of changes. The problem was I would say yes to the changes, but it would take me hours to complete. I would work for free to please the customer who did not help me pay my bills. Me not charging the client for the actual time I spent working is another painful story which is still a lesson I have not learned.

The day that Twitter developers created Bootstrap that all changed. Whether people used Bootstrap under the hood or something like it, we began to see website design being much more flexible as well as mobile friendly. Using Bootstrap helped me understand the concept of columns, rows and shrinking down blocks to adjust to certain browsers and devices. These capabilities merged into tools like Visual Composer and the Divi Builder for the Divi Theme. The standard became known as HTML5 and CSS3. Things are so much better for creative types because of these tools. If we would learn how to charge clients what we are worth, then we would have it made!

The Divi Theme
A few years ago I worked for a lady that owned a web development company in western Colorado. She introduced me to the Divi Theme. Once I began to use it, I realized the potential and that it was a game changer.

When we created Mozaic, I knew we had to use the Divi Theme in our platform. I’m amazed at how much the theme is improving and has improved since the first time I used it. Now with front-end editing coming soon, all of our lives are about ready to get better.

With the Divi Theme, we are no longer stuck with the developers design. We can virtually create any design with this one theme. We have 46 module types. We have A/B testing; we have an excellent page builder that is extremely flexible. We can drag components where we want them. We have Advanced Design Settings that do most of the CSS we would have to do manually. We also have Custom CSS to do advanced CSS.

We have a Fullwidth Slider to keep customers engaged with Parallax effects. Everything we need to design almost any website with the tools that come with the Divi Theme alone.

We didn’t stop there. Those things we knew designers would need, we added into our platform. Gravity Forms for those long forms, MailChimp integration, Slider Revolution for that perfect design, WooCommerce, my personally designed live chat and many other tools that make your websites rock!

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