It’s become commonplace amongst the new breed of web designers out there. One of the first steps to building a new website is to install WordPress.  At one of our brainstorming sessions this week we did our best to realistically tally up all the time spent installing WordPress to get it to the point where a typical web designer can begin building the actual website.  We came up with somewhere between 1-4 hours.  Here’s a little graphic I whipped up to show you where we’re coming from.

How long does it really take to install

Sure, there are those times when you’ve got your system down and you can install it in no time flat.  I used to time myself on how long it took me to start from complete scratch and get to the admin login screen.  That included setting up the hosting account on my server, creating a database, downloading and uploading WordPress and then completing the installer.  I think my best time was about 3 minutes altogether.  I was pretty proud of that accomplishment.  However, it was in a perfect environment on a dedicated server that I did all the admin work on.  I controlled all the variables and was able to develop a system of accomplishing the task.

The real world isn’t always so simple.  Such an effortless and manageable system only works about 20% of the time.  The rest of the time you’re on a server you’re not familiar with either fighting with unexplainable blank pages or errors that you’ve never seen before.  On the off chance that the hosting company is offering you decent support without you having to run everything through your client first, because they can’t talk directly with the designer, they might fix the issue for you without any hassle, but again, this is rarely the case.  This is really where we came up with the 4 hour time.  Any seasoned web designer has had to spend hours scouring the Internet for a help forum or tutorial on how to solve one of the many problems that arise with having to install WordPress.

Thankfully, I don’t like presenting problems without solutions.

How can I help you so you never have to install WordPress again?

The answer is simple.  The Mozaic WordPress Hosting Platform.  Mozaic has created a pre-installed, pre-configured hosting setup where you can literally signup for an account and within minutes, you’re building pages and adding content.  Instead of troubleshooting issues, you’re doing what your client paid you to do, design a website.  We want to eliminate any hassles associated with hosting and installing WordPress websites.  We have tested and used the plugins included with the system to ensure you’re not dealing with plugin conflicts.  We have premium themes installed that are full-featured and extremely versatile.  The Divi theme is the most widely used WordPress theme on the Internet and we have it bundled with our hosting platform so you have access to one of the best tools for creating engaging and stunning websites.  (If you’d like to know just how much we like Divi, one of our lead developers, Todd Simon is writing a whole series on it!)

We want to make your life easier and our solution is to provide web designers a complete, robust platform to design from.  You no longer have to go through a 10 step install and configure process to build out a website, you can get started as soon as your login is emailed to you.

This is why we’re a company.  We want to make your life as a web designer easy.  Join today for a free 15 day trial and see if our system works for you!

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