Many years ago, a customer could easily choose a hosting company without any difficulty. There just weren’t that many options. Today consumers have so many choices, service levels and price points for hosting that the decision can be crippling.

Here we breakdown the main differences between shared and managed hosting so you can decide what your website needs.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Due to the popularity of WordPress, a majority of web host companies have made a decision to choose the products and services that are specialized for the WordPress community. After all, a quarter of websites in existence are WordPress.

In managed WordPress hosting, for instance, the host, such as Mozaic, is responsible for web development and technical aspects such as the latest WordPress updates, plugin management, data backup, security, scalability, and site speed.

The main advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that the client is able to focus on developing their blog or website without worrying about technical issues.

PROS of Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Auto Updates

    WordPress is fond of releasing updates to improve the user experience and fix issues. With a managed WordPress hosting provider such as Mozaic, all updates are handled and the provider is responsible for testing the compatibility of plugins and fixing any issues after an update.

  2. Optimization Of Speed.

    Visitors are turned off by websites that load slowly; and it’s bad for SEO. Sites load faster in a managed hosting set-up. Service providers can implement the recent caching plugins, clusters, load balancers etc. to achieve optimum speed.

  3. Backups

    Using managed WP hosting guarantees data safety since it does its backup on daily basis. In case something goes wrong, you are sure to get your information restored as quickly as possible.

  4. Support

    In the case of a technical issue, the managed WP hosting support teams give the best help since they understand the platform you are using well and will properly take care of technical problems that you may face. Plus, you are likely paying more for this top-shelf service so support improves.

  5. Security

    Managed WordPress hosting providers handle all security to prevent web application attacks, brute force attacks and vulnerability scans.

  6. Saves Time

    As Mozaic likes to say, they take the “IT” out of “WebsITes.” In other words managed WordPress hosting providers like Mozaic handle all the backend technical, web development crap so designers and creatives can focus on just the design process. No more fussing with broken plugins or performing backups, etc.

CONS of Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. The price.

    Only the serious bloggers and business professionals should consider managed WordPress hosting because of the cost. It can run anywhere from $29-$199/month depending on the company you use and how many installs and how much storage space you need.

  2. Less control

    Since the service providers take care of your technical problems, you will have less control over what is being updated or not.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is the type of hosting service whereby a large server is shared by many websites. This means that your website will be together on one server and sharing resources with other websites of different sizes.

PROS of Shared WordPress Hosting

  1. Cost Advantage

    Because the server is shared by many web clients, the web hosts usually have affordable rates as low as $3.99/month. Another factor in the low price is that many of the services offered in managed hosting are not offered in shared hosting. So you have to do more of the technical stuff yourself, such as maintenance, security and backups. This makes shared hosting ideal for hobby bloggers and personal websites.

CONS of Shared WordPress Hosting

  1. Slower Website Response Time

    The shared server could have slow responses on your website due to having to share the space. Servers can also get overloaded and freeze up the website. This could happen if you are sharing a server with a client that has a post go viral and causes the entire server to crash. Someone else’s traffic issues will affect your site. Though a cheap deal is appealing, you could be sacrificing speed and reliability.

  2. Limited Support

    Top tier support is lacking with cheaper shared hosting plans. You will end up having to do all the troubleshooting yourself, and if you don’t know what you’re doing that can be frustrating.

Your needs, skill and budget will determine whether you should pursue a shared hosting plan or a managed hosting plan. If, for instance, you are starting your business, choose shared WordPress hosting, but as soon as you get too busy, your traffic grows, your revenue grows, then shift into a managed hosting plan.


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