According to, Divi by Elegant Themes is the number two most popular WordPress theme in the world. That’s a lot folks using Divi when you take into consideration that WordPress is used by a quarter of all websites in existence.

For starters, Divi features excellent security, limitless customization options, fantastic UI, and a slew of page builder tools that allow even the most inexperienced person to almost instantly create a professional looking webpage from scratch.

The Divi theme is one of the most comprehensive WordPress themes you can use since it combines high-end functionality with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to create amazing web pages with relative ease. Although the sophisticated design might fool you into thinking that Divi is for highly skilled users, the truth is that it has a completely newbie-friendly user interface.

Here are a few reasons why Divi is so popular among web designers and entry-level users and why Mozaic includes the Divi theme in all of its pricing packages:

  1. The Divi Builder: This is the exclusive feature that lies at core of Divi and makes it so amazing. Divi Builder is a built-in page builder that allows you to create great looking and efficiently designed webpages with the help of simple drag-and-drop modules, tiles or templates.
  2. Responsive User Interface: The theme is very stylish, colorful and modern looking, yet extremely lightweight and responsive so you never have to worry about your webpages loading slowly ever again.
  3. Full-Width Modules: Everyone these days seems to like simplistic and aesthetically appealing webpages, so the Divi Builder plugin comes with a host of full-width modules that let you create simple, yet highly functional webpage designs.
  4. Versatility: No matter whether you plan on making a blog, review website, shopping website, or news site, the Divi Builder’s highly versatile design lets you achieve everything with minimal fuss. You don’t have to write a lick of code if you don’t want to.
  5. Security: Elegant Themes worked together with globally renowned web security provider Sucuri in order to design an extremely secure and leak-proof code for Divi that is resistant to malware and hacking attempts.
  6. Split Testing Capabilities: Divi Leads is an integrated split testing and conversion rate optimization system that allows you to simultaneously test different module styles to find out which one is better at conversion.

And these are just some of the highlights. There’s so much more but you haven’t got all day to read this.

The Divi Theme Menu

This is where the Divi theme begins to show you just how powerful and flexible it truly is. The menu features various sections such as theme options, theme customizer, module customizer, editor, library, etc. When you select theme customization, you will be presented with a nearly unlimited range of options that lets you customize logos, icons, navigation bars, colors, fonts, and much more. On top of that there are independent customization options and styles for different sections or modules of the page that include email marketing options, social media buttons/ links, and a host of button styles that include translation tips, scrolling options, etc. Again, there is no need to write any code to get this kind of stylistic design

Some of the features of this theme that really separate it from the competition are the powerful layout editor options. These allow you to control and modify the layout of tiles, headers, rows, columns, and modules by simply using your cursor to drag and drop, or delete an existing layout element or module. You can drag and drop rows, columns, bars, whatever you wish, until you get that perfect page layout. Divi also ships with 18 amazing pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly get your site up and running without wasting any time. 

A Word to the Coders

Now, all this is great for beginners, but what about more advanced users who are capable of coding? Well, Divi is capable of catering to their needs as well since it features custom CSS tabs for each module and segment of the web page. These tabs allow you to apply your own CSS code to specific areas of the web page.

In short, Divi is simply the most user friendly, lightweight and versatile WordPress theme out there as of 2016, and its gigantic user base is proof of its performance. Elegant Themes constantly monitors and releases patches and updates as necessary for their theme, making it even better and more powerful with each day. In fact, Divi 3.0 is due out in early September 2016 and will feature front-end editing. Mozaic Technology is excited to upgrade its customers to this next evolution in Divi and we’ll keep you posted on what we learn about it when it comes out.



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