This tutorial is a brief overview of the initial options for the Divi Builder.  Jimi Blevins walks you through adding a new page and the initial steps to begin creating a page.

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Transcript from the Divi Theme Tutorial

Hello, this is Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology. Today I’m just going to be doing a quick overview of the Divi page builder that you find in the pages and posts and when you go into a door added so what we’re going to do to start off as we’re just gonna add a new page to get started click here on add new that comes up we’re going to call this Divi builder and then you’ll notice that by default this standard WordPress text editor comes up and we want to use the Divi builder for this click on this big purple button and RD builder pops up and just again to go over a quick overview of some of these options there’s the first thing that you’ve got here as you can import and export and this is different layouts that you’ve got different pages that you’ve already built maybe you want to pull them into this page and then here you’ve got your settings and this I’m not going to go through these one by one in this tutorial but this just gives you an idea of what the settings look for the split testing something we’re going to cover a lot later custom.css we just did that it’s the same as a made a options color picker palette that’s the same adobe options as well you can also select different text colors different background colors and have all these setup and what’s great about this feature is its only these settings only apply to this particular page so if I want to go with a different different formats different text colors different settings and I just want to use them for the specific page I can go ahead and put those settings in there this save the library feature allows you to save any layouts that you created so let’s say I’ve added on my molecules columns rows to this page but I want to save that because i really like the layout i might want to use it again so I can save everything to the library and then use this button here to load it all from the library and then of course I’ve also got a great reset feature to just clear everything out in case I don’t like what’s going on  that’s just kind of an overview of the the major features of it now what it  automatically pops up for you here is a standard section and this section the  content is going to be constrained to the width of your website now that you  know you’ll see here there’s a difference between standard and full  with now if i add a full width section that’s going to be colored purple here  and what that does is that allows me to insert content that’s going to go all  the way across the width of the web browser so if i have my website set  you know that the maximum the content will go and say a thousand pixels for my  desktop viewers but let’s say I want some it’s going to go beyond that I’m  doing a slider or a header image that’s what i would put in this full width  section and it’s also got these specialty sections which are kind of  pre-made layouts that you can pick to add content to if I wanted to go with  like this masonry style layout here you see it pops everything up and it’s all  ready for me now once once you have your section come up you’ll notice that  there’s there’s these they say insert columns and other ones that say insert  module so the column is how you define the width of the module so since this is  already full with I don’t have to define the width there’s not gonna be any  columns in it so I’m just going to put a module in there that’s going to go clear  across the page  same with this layout these are predetermined columns here four modules  however in here I can play around with adding one or two columns there now if  you look at the standard section when I pull this up I’ve got a lot more choices  to choose from  I can do full with half thirds mix-and-match even fourths and this  really works it works great for you know having pictures besides content that  sort of thing  anything you want to do in columns i love the way did he does this it’s very  simple i just pick the column layout that I want  and then I just I can pop a module in so just for giggles I’m going to add in a  text module here so I’ll just click on text and this will pull up kind of what  we’ve seen before our standard WordPress text editing but this is within the Divi  parameters so we know that it’s going to be in that half column setting and i’m  just going to come here and grab some with some text we’ve got some filler  text so i can show you what this looks like when it’s completed and paste that  in there and hit save and let’s say next to that I want to put a pretty picture  so again I come in to insert modules i click on image then I’ll just grab an  image real quick to show you what this looks like the next day so I’m actually  just to show you what full with looks like let’s go ahead and do a full with  this picture  I’ll remove this specialty section which we’ll get into further later on down the  road so now that I’ve set up my page the way that I want it in the Builder I go  ahead and click publish and if you haven’t already defined your menu in the  settings it’s going to automatically add this page to our top menu on the website  so i hit refresh over here and you’ll see when it pops up that we’ve got our  duty builder page already in there and now you can see what I was talking about  the standard section keeps it within the parameters of the website doesn’t go in  ur gonna go outside or task this thing and you can see what better two columns  with our picture and it’s nice and what makes this better than the standard  WordPress text editor is if you notice when the page loaded you had a nice  animation the text fades in all these things are built into the Divi theme  really add a nice polished your website and of course i scroll down I’ve got  this full page full with photo there that I put in for my full width section  so that’s just a brief overview of how to get started with the divi page  builder it’s actually really versatile as a lot of great modules in there and  i’ll be going through each module one by one just to show you how you can dial  everything in and get it looking exactly how you want it  once again I’m Jimi Blevins with Mozaic Technology and thank you so much for  watching