This tutorial will explain how to add audio files to your pages and posts with the Divi Visual Builder for WordPress.

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Transcript from the Divi Tutorial


Hello, this is Jimi Blevins from Mozaic Technology.

Today I’ll walk you through the “Audio” module in the Divi Theme Builder.

We want to start with our “Visual Builder” set up and running.

So, we’ve got our section already here and we just need to click this gray plus (+) circle:


We want to add (+) an “Audio” module.


Now, this has really simple features and it’s pretty straight forward.

The first field is for your audio file, so we’ll just click on “Upload.


Next, you will put your title in here:


Again, what I love about this new visual builder is you can see the changes right as you are working on the screen. Another option I found to increase your workflow is, you’ve got this setting here, “Snap to Left.”


(This will automatically show you all your options on the left and centers your content over on the right.)


That way it’s a little easier to work on and see what you’re doing.

So I’ll go ahead and pop my own name in here because I put this together, make up an “Album Name,” and then we can also put in our “Cover Art Image URL.


I’m going to go over some of the “Design” features next.


You can change the “Background Color.

You can change the “Title Font.

You can also mess with the “Title Letter Spacing.” (This will make your letters a little bit further apart for your title.)

You can also change the “Title Line Height.” (In case you want to make it a little taller or smaller.)

You can use a different “Caption Font” for your caption as well. (In case you wanted to so something different for that.)

Of course, you can change “Title Text Color” and you can also use a “Background Image.” (If you don’t want to use just a standard color.)


That’s just a really simple walkthrough of how to: “Add The Audio Module To The Divi Visual Builder.

My name is Jimi Blevins and thanks so much for watching.