This tutorial will show you how to add and customize the post title module in the Divi Visual Builder.  Use this to add the post title on a WordPress page.

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Transcript from the Divi Tutorial

______________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, this is Jimi Blevins. Today I’m going to show you how to: “Add Your Post Title To A Webpage Using The Divi Visual Builder.” Now, I’m assuming that this is something you’d want to use if you were building a blog template and you didn’t want the post title up at the top. If you wanted to feature it at some other place in the article and have a little more control over it, this module will help you do that. So, to jump right in, let’s just “Add” (+) it to our page really quick. (It’s almost identical to your standard title, but this will give us more options.) ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod We can actually show or hide the title with “Show Title.” “Show Meta.” (Which is the author and when it was posted, etc.) We can turn off the author at “Show Author,” and the date, “Show Date,” individually or format the date in a different way with, “Date Format.” ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod2 You can also turn on and off the “Show Post Categories, Show Comments Count,” and the “Show Featured Image.” I can turn that off so it’s just the title. I can also play around with where I want to have it in the “Featured Image Placement” section. I can put it “Above” it and I can also set it as a “Background Image.” ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod3So some pretty interesting things we can do with this. We can actually “Use Parallax Effect” on it. Change the “Text Orientation.” Let’s “Center” it and make it “Light,” that way we can use the featured image to kind of make it pop just a little bit better. ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod4 Now we go into our “Design” settings. ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod5 We can choose a “Text Background Color,” and of course we have the ability to increase the “Font Size, Letter Spacing and Line-Height,” these are all the same options that we normally see in most of these modules for the “Divi Visual Builder.” You have control over your “Meta Text,” you can even do “Custom Margins and Padding.” ScreenshotHowToUsePostTitleMod6 So you can really make your titles look great without having to dig into a bunch of the stylesheet settings which I think makes it simpler for a lot of web designers out there. So once again, my name is Jimi Blevins and thank you so much for watching.