This tutorial will show you how to use the toggle module in the Divi visual builder for WordPress.  This module works well when displaying a list of information and allows visitors to click on each title to expand for more.  Another great way to have all your content in one place without taking up a ton of real estate on your website.

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Transcript from the Divi Tutorial

Click on the plus sign, then add a new toggle.


We’ll call this one, ‘Toggle #3’. Next, add the text you want to be shown.

You can set which one of these to be the first one open. Like, when somebody comes to this page, I want this first one to be open. Once someone gets to this site, this toggle will be the first thing to show up.

There are all sorts of settings just with the designs for the layout itself. Click on settings, and then on design and then play with the different options and variations within the design settings.

You can also change the individual design templates for the separate toggles you’ve created when they’re open and closed. So if you want to make the closed toggle setting to a set scheme and a different one for the open toggle setting, you can.

If you get a design that you like, and you don’t want to have to remake it, there’s a duplicate button. Just duplicate one, and then go into settings and create a toggle. Doing so, they’ll be congruent and look the same.


That’s all for creating a toggle using Divi WordPress Themes. If you have any questions, please feel free to go to our web page, Mozaic Technology, and shoot us an email.

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