This tutorial shows you how to connect the Bloom plugin with Mailchimp. This makes your email capture simple, easy, and fast.

Go to your dashboard, then select Bloom and then Optin forms. You’re going to choose MailChimp because they’re a free account to test with.

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After you’ve chosen MailChimp as the email provider, you’re going to put in your account name with whatever email address is associated with MailChimp.


To get your API Key, you need to go into MailChimp. Open that up in a different tab to your testing account.

Click on, ‘Account’, in the top-right corner, click on, ‘Extras’, and then on, ‘API Keys’.

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If there isn’t already an API Key created, click on, ‘Create a Key’. It will then generate one for you. Copy the key.


Then go back into your other tab that has Bloom opened up.

Paste the key in the API Key box then click on, ‘Authorize’. That will collect all of your account information after being connected with MailChimp.


Next click on, ‘Select email list’, and choose which of your email address lists you want to be inserted. Anyone that signs up for the mailing list will be automatically added to the email address list.


Another feature is the Double Optin, when someone signs up for an email from your site, they’ll get an email with a big button saying, “YES!” to verify that they want to receive emails. That way it keeps the spam down. If you want that feature to be enabled, then check the box.



Tutorial and transcript were done by, Jimi Blevins, with Mozaic Technology

Transcript was edited by, Alexis Stucker, Intern with Mozaic Technology