This tutorial will show you how to easily create a popup optin form with the Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes.  This plugin makes growing your mailing list extremely simple.

Open up, Bloom. Click on new optin. Select the type of optin; pop-up.

In the last tutorial, I showed how to do MailChimp.

Go into settings, the great thing about Bloom, is the way Elegant Theme has designed this. Because I already put in my MailChimp information, we can see the account I setup is already there.

Pick the account then pick the list and that’s all you have to do as far as the MailChimp integration goes.


If you missed the last tutorial, on MailChimp, go ahead and search for it in the Mozaic channel and you can find the one where I walk you through how to get into MailChimp, how to grab the API key and etcetera.

Click on next and then you can start the design.

Choose the template, one great thing is you can go in and customize everything. Pick one that has an image and some text. (Something simple.)#2

Click next, and this is where we get to customize our form.

The Optin title can be changed to anything you want. I changed it to, ‘Subscribe to Our Tutorials’.


Underneath the title will be the message and the picture.

You can use this to upload your own custom image or you can use the one already provided. There are also animations, for the pictures when they load, if you choose to do so.

If you don’t want the image to show on mobile, you have the option to hide it.

Get into the styling options, here you can adjust/and or customize fonts, borders, and background colors.


If you want to see what the form is going to look like after you make changes, in the top-right corner there is a preview button that looks a lot like an eyeball.

Click on the preview button and that’ll bring up the form you’ve created thus far.


This forum doesn’t have a name field, to add one, you can do a single field for the first and last name or you can do them separately. First name and then last name field. You aren’t required to put in a name field, though.


In Bloom, you can edit any of the text, the position it’s in and how it will appear. Go ahead and play with it, check out the different options and animations with everything in the forum.

To do a footer, add the information below the email, such as, ‘Subscribe Now!’ You can create a link that will lead them to the sign-up pop-up.

#7 #8

Then we’ve got our messages, now, this is the text that will pop-up when somebody subscribes. After you create your, ‘you successfully subscribed’ message, there’s a field here to put in any custom CSS that you so desire to do.

Go into display settings. This is where you’re going to be able to kind of show where the form is going to be triggered.

I chose to do the intro animation. Go into the trigger after a time delay. The way that this is set up right now is once somebody’s on my website for 20 seconds this one’s going to pop up.

There’s also options to set up triggers for the middle of the page, the bottom of the page and so forth. Which is when someone scrolls to a certain point on the site, the pop-up appears.

There are also options for different types of animations for when the pop-up shows on your web page. Also, there are options to have the pop-up show up on different parts of your site.


You can separate out the triggers for them to disperse on each different page you choose. Different pop-ups for different pages on your website can be arranged as well. There are also the options to not display the pop-ups on certain pages, and they will only come up on the ones you want them to.



This is the tutorial for putting a pop-up optin form using the Bloom plugin.

My name is Jimi Blevins and thank you so much for reading the how-to tutorial.