We are web designers and developers.

We are entrepreneurs and innovators.

We are Mozaic Technology.

We’ve been building websites and creating online marketing campaigns for the past two decades and we’ve decided to bring all that expertise and knowledge into one place.

We have a vision: To create an online web design platform specifically made to empower web designers, small business owners, and anyone else who just wants a simple, reliable way to build websites. We’ve worked to create a managed WordPress hosting platform that takes care of all of the coding, installing, and updating so you can focus on designing websites with engaging content.

No one wants to sit down at their computer in the morning and muddle through an hour of updates and maintenance. You want to design, you want to create, you want to Market, and you want to work on building a website into something that creates value for you and your customers. Mozaic wants to help you do just that. We want you to be able to focus on the things that generate revenue for your company. We want to partner with you in building your online brand.


Dorsey Coe


Not just a pretty face, Dorsey brings his superpower of X-ray vision to see around the corners into the future of website development. It was in that big-bang moment that Mozaic was born. Humble by nature, he likes to downplay his immense, natural-born talent at literally everything he does.
  • Website Design 70% 70%
  • FMS, CMS, DNS, SEO and most any 3-letter acronym you can think of 75% 75%
  • Inbound Marketing 80% 80%
  • Photography 85% 85%
  • Coffee Making 90% 90%


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