Divi Theme

Premium Mobile-Responsive Theme

The Divi Theme is the only one you need because of it’s elegance and simplicity. No coding required to make beautiful, functional, modern websites. It’s the #1 WP theme in the world and for good reason.

Continuous updates and improvements. Front-End Editing for the Divi Theme was a game changer. Just like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, click on an object like a photo or block of text right on the front of your website and change it right there. What you see is what you get WordPress – That’s a game changer.

When you partner with Mozaic Technology, you receive the Divi Theme as a part of your Webhosting package. In all our years of Web Development (starting with text edit tools and Dreamweaver), the Divi Theme is beyond anything we have ever seen. You no longer have to spend hours searching for a specific theme for your customers needs along with it’s own ePanel that you have to learn. The Divi Theme is all you will ever need. The sky truly is the limit. (No, they don’t pay us to say that!)

What Comes With The Divi Theme?

Divi Theme Builder - Drag & Drop Interface, 46 Module Choices

The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is wonderful. Create truly unique layouts in a visual environment with no code. You have hundreds of modules (like text, photo, video, ecommerce)  to display in any way you desire. Elegant Themes who makes the Divi Theme made life so much easier for designers.

The Divi Theme - mobile responsive

Responsive Design

The number of mobile devices used to search the web has surpassed desktop computer use. No matter the screen size, the Divi Theme is responsive so it will adjust to any type of device or screen. No longer do you have to do separate designs to handle different devices. Google has been penalizing many websites because they are not mobile responsive. The Divi Theme solves that problem. You can design and preview your website on multiple screen sizes while you’re working on it. Did we say “game changer” yet?

The Divi Theme Builder - Pre-made Layouts to get your design rolling

Pre-made Layouts

The Divi Theme does come with 1000’s of pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly jumpstart your own design or maybe just spark some creativity for your own custom design. You can customize existing layouts or build entirely from scratch. It’s a real time saver.

Divi Library

Create save and re-use design elements. With the Divi Library you can create entire pages of content or snippets of style and save them for instant recall and/or re-use as needed, a huge time saver for contact forms, about us pages, any repetitive design element. Plus, copy and paste design or style elements to save even more time. If that wasn’t enough, create global objects that display all over your site yet one update in one place updates all instances of that object or element everywhere on the website.

The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is a dream for creative types. Think in columns and rows. Easily place 1 of dozens of modules within that space. Move the item to the top of the page, or the middle or wherever. Move images from the right to the left. Literal pixel by pixel placement if needed. Sculpt your page as a master artist with no limitations. Designed to be intuitive, you will learn it quickly.

Dozens of Module Types

Choose from an array of modules to create your website. You can choose from any of these building blocks to construct your site! Just drag and drop these blocks to construct your full page in a matter of minutes. Divi updates there them often, adding new modules and functionality all the time.

Standard Section

The Divi Theme Builder - 46 module choices

General Settings

Each module comes with options that allow you to quickly adjust relevant settings, controlling the content and the design of the module with real time previews. There is very little you can’t do with Divi and its collection of ultra-customizable modules.

Advanced Design Settings

In addition to General Settings, each item also has an Advanced Design Settings tab. These settings give you complete control over the typography, colors, spacing, and other various styles. Save any customization to your library for repeated use and fast access.

Custom CSS

Each Divi Builder item also has a Custom CSS tab where you can apply your own CSS to different elements. Divi doesn’t require any coding, but for those who want to use their web design skills, Divi won’t hold you back!

Why we love the Divi Theme blog

How to A/B & split test using Divi & WordPress

How to A/B & split test using Divi & WordPress

Divi has a built-in feature called split testing. This is where you can have two different calls to actions, and you’re trying to see which one is more popular. So what you do, is you insert a split test that only you can see, and it then only shows one of the two (or more) of the selections they can click on. It then collects data to show you which is used more by the website’s visitors.

Build a website in less than an hour with Divi, WordPress, & Mozaic – PART 3

Build a website in less than an hour with Divi, WordPress, & Mozaic – PART 3

This video is part 3 of 3 and it shows you how to build your very own website in less than an hour! This is fast and easy to follow when doing it yourself. Text Version of the Divi WordPress Tutorial   Hey, everybody, this is Jimmy Blevins, welcome to part 3 of...

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