How to A/B & split test using Divi & WordPress

Divi has a built-in feature called split testing. This is where you can have two different calls to actions, and you’re trying to see which one is more popular. So what you do, is you insert a split test that only you can see, and it then only shows one of the two (or more) of the selections they can click on. It then collects data to show you which is used more by the website’s visitors.

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Build a website in less than an hour with Divi, WordPress, & Mozaic – PART 3

This video is part 3 of 3 and it shows you how to build your very own website in less than an hour! This is fast and easy to follow when doing it yourself. Text Version of the Divi WordPress Tutorial   Hey, everybody, this is Jimmy Blevins, welcome to part 3 of...

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