5 ways, 4 types, 3 things, 2 outcomes,
1 mindbending result.

This information completely transformed my business and understanding of how websites are supposed to work!
I’m happy to share it with you.

Here’s the 1st thing.

This is one of the most important things to know about websites.

Everybody gets to your website in one of only five ways.


How it works, how it really works.

The only 5 Ways


Whether Google or a phone book, people get to your website by searching. Your business should be easily found online.


Facebook, twitter, Instagram and dozens of others – Social media is another  way people get to your website.


Snail mail, email, text message, etc. The third way people get to your site is personal messages you send out.


Bus stop or Billboard, Facebook or Youtube, any  advertisement would be the fourth way people find your site.  

Word of Mouth

Reviews, Testimonies, and Affiliate Marketing (and good ‘ol jaw exercisin’) Is the last way to your site. 

Which one to do first?

Which one is best?

Here’s the 2nd thing.

No matter the product or service

The 3 Results

You are looking for

When They Get There


There are two things keeping most websites from success… the first one is 


The Right Message

By default your message (also known as website content) is the most important thing, without one you don’t have any value or purpose to give your website visitors, but what is the “right” message? do you mean a better message? am I sending the wrong message? how do you know?

The Right Audience

When asked, “Who can use your product?”, most people say “anyone” or “everyone”. That’s only partially true if you sell commodities like food, clothing, or shelter, but the error is actually in the question not the answer. Thinking that the more people know about your product the more they will want it and buy it is the trap most people fall into because it’s simply not true. Some people may never like or need your product, ever. The great news is that’s perfectly fine!

 The correct question to ask is, “Who is using your product now?”, and “why?”, because success is in knowing more about your clients and why they are clients, so you can help them properly and attract more of those people. Your message/product/service is most attractive to a very particular type of person.

The More You Know

 You have more than you think…

What you know about your website visitors and how your message caters to them can make a huge difference in your success because the more you know about your existing or potential clients the more you can cater your message directly to them. 

 For example, you know that;

People who visit your website are either




Brand new “never been before” visitors need to know the general message followed by more particular information to make the proper decision. Returning visitors might be returning to buy, get support if they already bought, or they need more particular information to make a buying decision. How would this affect your message? Brand new visitors may not be ready to buy but returning visitors might. A perfect example of how NOT to do this correctly is the “pop up to subscribe to our newsletter!” fiasco – I’m sure you’ve experienced it. Let’s say your goal is to get newsletter subscriptions. Two seconds after a visitor lands on your page, you pop up a “subscribe to our newsletter!” banner. The visitor doesn’t even know if you have the info they want, how would they know if they want to subscribe already? unless they came to your site to sign up for the newsletter, instead of impressing the potential client, you distracted and maybe even annoyed them! Pop ups have been so improperly over used that everybody hates them, stop doing that! Fail! No one likes them and they just don’t work – people even have pop up blockers on their computers to stop them. Great idea bad implementation. Sadly, the majority of the websites work in this way (the wrong way) – great ideas, bad implementations. 

You should also know which one of the 5 ways they came to your website





Word of Mouth

Earlier I showed that people get to your site one of 5 ways and suggested you make sure you have all 5 ways applied to your website. I asked three questions; which one to do first, which one is best, and which one to do last. Here’s the longer answer. Do SEO first, it’s fairly straightforward and expedient to do initial SEO (no special skills, not coding – I’ll show you) but it pays off for the rest of the life of your website. Do ads last, if you don’t have eveything else set up before running ads, your ads won’t be as effective as they could be, wasting your time, your money, and even possibly losing clients you could have otherwise landed if your message and the other parts of your site were already set up properly. I didn’t infer to it before but the highest converting of the 5 ways is sent messages to existing clients. In almost every case it’s less expensive to get a second sale from an existing client than it is to get a new sale from a new client, but that’s still not the best way.  What’s the best? Word of Mouth – more on that later.

Additionally you should know if they

Made a Purchase



What do you think the first thing a new visitor who lands on your website should see? What about a returning visitor who has not yet purchased? What about a visitor who has already purchased? Should your message be any different to these different visitors? Do you see how a “New Clients get 10% off” message vs. a “thank you valued customer, here’s 10% off your next purchase too”, or “bring a friend and get 10% off for both of you” messages would work for different visitors? Someone who has purchased might need instructions for use, tips and tricks, or product support but someone who has not yet purchased needs more info to build trust, get specifications, or maybe is comparing pricing.

That’s all for now but more will follow…

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