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Ranking Reports

“The medium is the message” -Marshall Mcluhan

Design is just the beginning. There’s a lot of techie nerdy stuff going on behind the scenes to make your site fast, functional and easily found by others. Ranking reports are “at-a-glance” indicators of your visitors user experience or UX. A ranking report uses metrics to assess your site and give you feedback of its inner workings. Like grades on a report card you can easily see where your website accels and where it might need work.

3rd Party Testing

Performance Score

A performance score measures the speed of your website and the technical setup of your site and server. The audit takes less than 30 seconds to complete and displays the results to your browser –  no signup or email required. Your performance score impacts load time, visitor bounce rate, dwell time, and other factors that contribute to the ability of your site to be found in search. Moreover, it affects the perception site visitors have about you, your business, or your brand – influencing their decision to move forward or look elsewhere.

SEO Audit audits websites for content, keywords, performance, and other factors that contribute to site success. Where performance is primarily a technical and speed rating, an SEO audit also measures the amount of content and keywords for search engines. The SEO (search engine optimization) audit takes about 30 seconds to perform and displays the results to your browser –  no signup or email required.

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