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There’s food and then there’s good food. The difference is (in a word) Taste. The really great food tastes great and is also great for you. It’s not just a recipe.  The ingredients, preparation, cooking utensils, and presentation all make a difference. What makes great food though, is the Chef. At Mozaic, we believe anyone can build a better website if they start with the right tools, ingredients, and guidance. We’re master chefs of design, marketing, and communication. We provide the state of the art kitchen, recipe, AND instruction. you’ll be surprised at what you can create in the right environment. If you don’t want to do it yourself we’re happy to do it for you. Let’s bake something great!

Popular Classes

DIY Tamales

We provide everything, you do the work. We’re here for support if you get stuck. We’ll clean up when you’re done. 

3hrs 30 Min

Mozzarela Marketing

Cheese makes food better, it makes your website better too. Meat & Potatoes are substance, cheese makes it fun.

1hr 45 Min

Ramen Redesign

Not handy in the kitchen or just want to watch? We’re the Benihana of web design. We also deliver.


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  • Learn the fundamentals and priorities
  • Decide on your strategy & course of action
  • Quickly plan the process & act on that plan
  • Build a beautiful website that attracts clients
  • Monitor your cost to acquire new customers,
    improve conversion optimizations, & progress
    to a successfull return on your investment.

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We offer free consultations. We need to see if we can help you and you need to see if you want us to help! We are happy to listen to your needs and show you what we have to offer, even if we don’t end up working together you can take what you’ve learned and apply it almost anywhere.

Your first month
is on us

We’ll supply the tools and hosting to create the most impressive website available, free for the first month. That way if you’re not completely satisfied you can move along with no money out of pocket. We still have our very first client.

Get Cooking!

We start every
class with a trip
to the local

Fabulous fresh food served daily!

Let’s Cook Together!


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