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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Most small business websites are not experiencing success online.
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Before & After

First Impressions Matter

Design, messaging, and navigation improvements

Camillas Kaffe

Old Website

The original site – not bad, not great, and works fairly well on mobile. Camilla called ready for a refresh and updates. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted but she knew what she didn’t like about what she had. Her requests were;

• Better first impression

• Easier Navigation

• More prominent “Click to Call” for mobile

New Website
Camilla’s ideas are great (just like her food – see her google reviews). Rather than multiple pages to click and load, the new site is a single page. Works especially well for mobile viewers and the breakfast and lunch menus were combined into one for hungry customer convenience.

Holistic Health Spa & Wellness Center

“Direct and to the point without making me feel stupid – they really get what I want to do and how to do it.

– Tina Kriefeldt

Owner, Wellness Center Colorado

Old Site

This site is no longer available

Original site built in weebly, basically an online business card.

• static site
• tiny hard to read text
• poor navigation

New Site

New site built with Divi & WordPress. In addition to a more elegant design, the new site is mobile responsive with online booking, digital gift cards and improved messaging.

• custom animated logo design
• fully responsive for mobile
• social media integration
• online booking
• digital gift cards
• annual memberships
• google calendar sync

Mountain Air Roasters

“I learned more in 2 hrs than I have with 4 other companies.

– Cole Rath

Owner, Mountain Air Roasters

Old Site

Not a terrible site – notably no social media and multiple pages to navigate – not the best experience for mobile devices. The majority of sites I see are like this one, not bad, not great.

• no social media links
• no in-store menu
• no video
• slow loading
• poor navigation
• not optimized for mobile
• did we mention how slow it loads!

New Site

Large and bold text immediately give you a taste of the owners personality, followed by quick links to either the online or in store menus. Browse his new site after browsing the old one to get a complete feel for the differences.

• social media integration
• online and in-store quick links
• video of the roasting process
• loads fast < 3 seconds
• simple and friendly navigation
• optimized for mobile – click to call, etc. 

New Websites

These websites were built from the ground up after researching the clients marketing and design goals and branding ideas

America First Steel

“I asked around and literally everyone said “go see Dorsey”, so I did and I’m glad I did – I’m really happy with my website.”

– Amalia White

Owner, America First Steel

New Website Build

Steel construction and “Barndominiums” are all the rage. With more than a decade in the industry Amalia knew exactly what she wanted and I was happy to help her execute on that vision. I spent some time researching the industry and analyzing her competition before designing a site that covers the traditional bases and also hit’s the mark where her competition often falls flat.

Phase 1 Launched December 4th 2020

• Custom Animated Logo

• Simple yet detailed quote form

• Strong personal service message and values

Labelless Life

“Always knowing I could walk into your office and run something by you was more invaluable to me than anything else.”

– Meredith Newell

Catalyst, Labelless Life

New Website Build

Ryan and Meredith completely changed their lifestyle and decided to blog about their journey. We had worked together on a previous website and I was honored to create one for their new endeavor. Stunning images, great writing, and some of the best people you could ever get to know.

• Phase 1 Launched October 15th 2020

• Phase 2 Social Media integration November 5th 2020
– All their Youtube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook social media posts automatically display on their home page
– Like, follow, share, and subscribe to their social media directly from the website

• Phase 3 Newsletter and Automation
December 9th 2020
– Newsletter automatically sent monthly to subscribers with latest blog posts attached
– Tweet notification automatically sent when newsletter is sent

• Phase 4 Mercantile ecommerce
December 27th 2020
– Custom apparel shop with automated order processing & drop shipping fullfillment

Mozaic Graduate

We supply the same tools to our clients that we use ourselves. We teach & train how we do it and encourage doing as much of it yourself as desired.

ITS Quest

I am very grateful for the staff at Mozaic. I was a beginner when I found them, had never built a website, had very little knowledge of online marketing, and was unsure how to navigate through all the options available online to learn how to master these. They were very patient with my endless questions because they genuinely care about helping their customers. I would absolutely say they are amazing at what they do. So often you don’t get an actual person to talk to when learning to create and launch a website or product, but Mozaic is always willing to help. I would suggest them to anyone!

– Angela Barnes

Business Development, ITSQuest, Inc.

Client Built

We love teaching people how to build websites. After Angela came to us for training and instruction we set her loose with the understanding we were here to help if she needed it. She had some design, integration, and SEO questions along the way but built this website on her own and exceeded all our expectations. She credits us but the real credit goes to her.

• Professional staffing website


Healing Tide BCST

“Dorsey’s calm presence, listening ear, and practical knowledge make him an invaluable consultant for my web design business. His web hosting package, Jicama, with its built-in premium tools is the only one I’ll ever use.”

– Leah Kenyon

Digital Marketing Manager/Web Designer

Collaborative Build

We love helping with websites. Leah reached out about website construction to compliment her content creation and social media marketing skills. She now takes on any scope or scale project she wants knowing we are here to offer advice, training, or assistance to project completion. was her first complete “ground up” website but with her great creative, planning, and communication skills you’d think she’s been at it for years.

• Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


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